Surfer extols virtues of contact lenses

Surfer extols virtues of contact lenses

A keen surfer has revealed how contact lenses help to improve her performance when out on the waves and also protect her eyes from the sun.

Cynthia Popper told ABC Local that she even wears her contact lenses when surfing because they do not come out and they help her to stay focused on upcoming waves.

She added that she chooses to wear UV contact lenses because they help to offer a degree of protection against the sun"s rays and help to deflect some of the glare that the sun can sometimes cause.

"You can"t see if you"re on a board and you"re looking out at waves. If you don"t have your lenses in, you"re not gonna be able to see what"s coming at you. So it"s nice to know that you have UV protection," she said.

Another sports star - baseball player Josh Hamilton - has also found that contact lenses helped to improve his performances in recent times by blocking out the glare of the sun.

by Martin Burns

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