Policeman whose sight was saved returns the favour

Policeman whose sight was saved returns the favour

A policeman who had his sight saved thanks to a Welsh optometrist has helped to return the favour by committing himself to a cause to help children in Africa suffering from vision problems.

Senior crime scene investigator Bob Hewitt, from North Wales Police was treated by ophthalmologist Claire Morton at HM Stanley Hospital for a traumatic cataract he suffered in his eye as a result of a fall five years ago, News Wales reported.

To say thank you, he collected hundreds of pairs of spectacles from North Wales Police officers and gave them to support staff at HM Stanley Hospital"s Eye Unit, where they will be sent to people in Ethiopia with vision problems.

Presenting them to the unit, the policeman said: "I don"t believe there is a greater gift than that of sight so if I can help children and adults who are less fortunate to see properly and share the same sensation that I had after the operation then that is just amazing."

The unit added that the "kindness and generosity" of North Wales Police helped make a "real difference" to hundreds of Ethiopian children and adults with eyesight problems.

by Martin Burns

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