New tool determines vision impact on quality of life

New tool determines vision impact on quality of life

A clever tool is now available to help establish the effect that a child"s vision has on their overall wellbeing.

The instrument, entitled the Effects of Youngsters" Eyesight on Quality of Life (EYE-Q), is useful for determining vision-related quality of life (VRQOL) in visually-impaired children suffering from juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated uveitis, experts claim.

In a study published in Arthritis Care & Research, Dr Sheila T Angeles-Han, from Emory University in Atlanta, found that the Eye-Q was an excellent means of establishing VRQOL in children and better than many existing means of determining how happy children with the condition are.

"Our study provides evidence of the validity and reliability of the EYE-Q in the measurement of VRQOL," the study authors said.

It is estimated that approximately six per cent of all cases of uveitis arise in children, with the most frequent cause of chronic intraocular inflammation among this demographic being juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated uveitis. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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