Fireworks "a huge danger" to children"s vision

Fireworks "a huge danger" to children"s vision

By Alexa Kaczka

Fireworks remain a significant danger to young people, particularly men, and should not be provided to anyone under a responsible age, it has been claimed.

An article in the Sun Chronicle pointed out that 4,000 people a year are hospitalised in the US alone due to the misuse of fireworks or accidents involving the products, with people's vision harmed in many cases.

As a result, the sale of fireworks should remain restricted and the products should not be allowed to be used by those who could misuse them.

The comments were made after state Republican Richard Bastien, R-Gardner, filed a bill in the Massachusetts state Legislature to make certain fireworks legal for sale to the public.

However, the newspaper claimed that this could result in them falling into the wrong hands and causing injures to eyes, fingers and other body parts.

"Lawmakers should think long and hard before they add fireworks to that list [of legal items]," the newspaper noted.

by Martin Burns

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