Implantable contact lenses "can significantly improve vision"

Implantable contact lenses "can significantly improve vision"

People who are in need of vision correction but have been turned down for laser eye surgery may benefit from having implantable contact lenses inserted, one expert in the subject has claimed.

Speaking to Eaiser.com, Dr Goran Helgason, a refractive surgeon from Harley Street clinic Advanced Vision Care, said that the new generation of implantable contact lens treatments are enabling thousands of people to see clearly again.

Whereas many people feel they may be forced to wear glasses for the rest of their lives after being turned down for laser eye surgery, this is not the case as long as these lenses are on the market, he explained.

The expert noted: "The new generation of implantable contact lens treatments greatly increases the options for those patients who have more complex eye condition, such as a very high prescription or corneas that are too thin or steep for laser. What"s more, the results are extremely impressive."

He noted that one of the main benefits of turning to implantable contact lens is that they can help to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness at the same time – something that many glasses and other vision correction products cannot do.

In addition, as the need for reading glasses is also viewed by many people as a sign of old age, the contact lenses provide a discreet way of correcting people"s vision, Mr Helgason noted.

He told the website: "Over the past few years the growing presbyopic population – the baby boomer generation - has reached an age when they can"t read the small print. It"s this customer demand that has driven the advance of eye surgery technology today."

As the contact lenses are completely invisible, nobody needs to know that people are wearing them and they can easily take part in normal activities without having to face stigma.

by Adrian Galbreth

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