Pioneering procedure saves youngster"s eyesight

Pioneering procedure saves youngster"s eyesight

The sight of a young girl has been saved thanks to a pioneering operation which has helped to turn her life around.

Anna Bradley, was diagnosed with eye cancer aged just 20 months and it looked like she may have to lose her eye in order to treat the condition, the Formby Times reported.

It started when her mother Sandra noticed something resembling a pearl in Anna"s eye, which came and went depending on the light reflecting off her daughter"s face.

As it did not seem normal, Mrs Bradley took Anna to the GP, which is where she was referred and retinoblastoma was diagnosed.

Treatment for the condition, which only affects 40 children a year in the UK, can often result in both eyes being lost, and immediately the toddler began a course of chemotherapy, but this did not stop the cancer from recurring.

As a last resort, Anna"s mother and father tried a pioneering new treatment known as intra-arterial chemotherapy, which works by delivering the anti-tumour drug directly into the artery which leads into the eye.

The proceedure proved successful, and although the youngster lost the sight in her left eye, she has partial sight in her right one and has avoided having to have her eyes removed, unlike many youngsters with the condition.

Her parents told the Formby Times that the treatment, which had only been in use in the UK for five months before Anna tried it, has made all the difference to the lives of every member of the family, but particularly Anna.

"They can"t guarantee it won"t return. But we"ve got our lives back. Anna"s incredible. People who don"t know what she has been through would never have guessed. She is not fazed by the limited sight," Mrs Bradley said.

by Alexa Kaczka

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