Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

People who wear contact lenses do not have to purchase them from the place in which their prescription was handed out, one money-saving expert has pointed out.

Kelly O"Sullivan, writing an advice column for Desert Trail, noted that many people go for their annual eye exam or to have their contact lens prescription updated, then buy the products from the place in which they have been prescribed.

However, in many cases this often costs the person more due to the fact that they are being bought from a physical store.

According to Ms O"Sullivan, the best option for contact lens wearers is to "shop around" and see where they can get the best deal, with this often involving purchasing contact lenses online.

"Once you have your annual eye exam, you are not obligated to purchase glasses or contact lenses from the optometrist"s office, so feel free to shop around for the best deal," she explained.

The advice columnist added that she usually purchases replacement contact lenses online because it is far more convenient than heading into a shop to buy them.

This way, the contact lens wearer can also benefit from guaranteed quality, as the products are always official as long as they are ordered from a reputable online contact lenses retailer.

Ms O"Sullivan also gave some advice about what to do once people receive the contact lenses from the retailer, including always following manufacturer recommendations.

Often manufacturers can alter the instructions or minor details on the contact lens, so it is important to read through them every time a new batch is ordered.

She recommended: "Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes to avoid infection. Don"t wear contacts past manufacturers" recommendation, stop wearing them immediately if you catch a cold or flu and toss them if you suspect they’ve been contaminated."

by Adrian Galbreth

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