Eye exams "essential" before undergoing laser eye surgery

Eye exams "essential" before undergoing laser eye surgery

It is vital that people undergo a thorough eye examination before having laser eye surgery to ensure the procedure has every chance of being successful and is the correct option for them, one specialist has pointed out.

Writing for Jaxcksonville.com, Dr Amit Chokshi, a board-certified ophthalmologist with Chokshi and Coluccelli Eye Institute, said that all the possible ramifications of laser eye surgery need to be explored before people undergo the procedure.

This includes having a thorough eye test which can determine whether people will have a reaction to the procedure and if they even need it in the first place.

The expert explained: "During the appointment, different types of corneal mappings using Orbscan and Zywave technology are done. These measurements determine the thickness and shape of your cornea. A dilated exam is then performed to ensure that the back of the eye is healthy as well."

Alternatively, Dr Goran Helgason, a refractive surgeon from Harley Street clinic Advanced Vision Care, recently told Easier.com that people who are in need of vision correction but have been turned down for laser eye surgery may benefit from having implantable contact lenses inserted.

by Emily Tait

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