Contact lenses help man to win Harry Potter competition

Contact lenses help man to win Harry Potter competition

By Emily Tait

Harry Potter fever is currently sweeping the nation as the final instalment in the record-breaking franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, hits UK cinema screens next week.

However, one lucky fan of the books and films has been able to see the movies before anyone else, thanks to his ingenious use of contact lenses and other products.

Kieran Thomas, from Didcot, entered a competition run by Yahoo! Movies to find the biggest Harry Potter fan in the UK, with the prize of a lifetime on offer.

The winner netted the chance to attend the world premiere of the final Harry Potter film in Trafalgar Square, meet all the cast and crew, plus JK Rowling, before being swept away to New York on a jet, along with the stars of the film, to attend the US premiere.

Mr Thomas told the Oxford Mail that he had no intention of missing out on the prize of a lifetime, so he set about making a costume which would set him apart from all the other entrants in the competition – a replica of the villainous Lord Voldemort.

The costume was made by sculpting a prosthetic head, manufacturing the robes to resemble He Who Must Not Be Named and adding the final, important touch – coloured contact lenses.

The completed costume was enough to wow the judging panel and Mr Roberts was soon on his way to London to party with the cast and crew form the biggest film franchise in history.

He told the newspaper: "In the past few days I have been working on it until 5am in the morning and getting up again two hours later!"

However, the effort, and the £2,000 he spent designing the costume and purchasing the associated robes and contact lenses, appears to have been worth it, even though his wife, Jo, has barred him from making any more movie-themed outfits.

by Emily Tait

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