iPad "assists youngster"s vision problems"

iPad "assists youngster"s vision problems"

A girl from Australia has revealed how Apple"s iPad has played a role in helping her eyesight through its ability to alter the size of words easily.

Holly Bligh, aged 9, from Melbourne, has albinism, which can make it very difficult for her to register normal text, the Herald Sun reported.

However, due to the iPad"s ability to alter the size of text and focus on certain words and parts of sentences, she has been able to read more easily without assistance, which has also boosted her enjoyment of reading.

Although the same things can also be achieved by using other devices such as the Android tablet, an iPad was the particular device which her family owned so that is what Holly used.

So thrilled was Holly"s mother Fiona, that she wrote a letter to Apple to thank them for creating the iPad, considering the positive effect it has had on Holly"s life.

She told the Herald Sun that it now takes almost twice as long for visual fatigue to set in and, as a result, Holly is able to read much more.

Holly"s mum said "I know a lot of people think it"s just a great gadget, but it"s completely changed Holly"s life. Holly"s enthusiasm to read has grown so much, and it"s definitely increased her independence," she told the newspaper.

by Emily Tait

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