Eye doctor creates gold and diamond contact lenses

Eye doctor creates gold and diamond contact lenses

For some time now, contact lens wearers have been able to buy lenses in unique colours and with special patterns on, but now one organisation in India has taken things to the next level.

Shekhar Eye Research has launched some new contact lenses made from gold and diamond, which it claims provide the ultimate in designer eyewear, giving users a unique look, PTI reported.

Shekhar Eye Research managing director Chandrashekhar Chawan said that women in particular have shown a great deal of interest in the new contact lenses, and pointed to the old phrase "diamonds are a girl"s best friend" as a reason for this.

He noted that consumer demand is one of the reasons why the contacts were designed in the first place, while another was curiosity simply to see if it could be done.

The lenses were designed by Sanjay Shah of Nine Diam, with each pair featuring 18 diamonds encrusted on a small plate.

Mr Charwan told PTI that it is a logical decision given that diamond accessories already exist in many forms.

"People today like wearing diamonds on their teeth, so why not in the eye?" he commented.

The expert revealed that people hoping to invest in the contact lenses will therefore have to be quick, as they will not be mass produced, while the cost of the lenses has already been determined.

"This is going to be exclusive as we are going to be making only 3,996 lenses," he added, noting that the diamond lenses will cost Rs 7-lakh (£9,800) and the plain gold-plated lenses Rs 5-lakh.

It illustrates the growing popularity of customised contacts – something recently highlighted by Toby Spoerer, director of Ace Fancy Dress, who recently said he expects to see a jump in demand for coloured contact lenses in the coming months.

by Alexa Kaczka

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