Parents "need to talk about contact lenses"

Parents "need to talk about contact lenses"

In today"s fashion-conscious world, many children are keen to avoid wearing glasses and instead opt for contact lenses which can provide a far more discreet form of vision correction.

However, many parents are struggling to have the conversation with their child about the prospect of changing from glasses to contact lenses, according to a new study.

A poll commissioned by contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb and Mom Central Consulting found that only 21 per cent of mothers are prepared to talk to a child who wants to replace glasses with contact lenses.

This is despite a recent academic study revealing that 68 per cent of teenagers reported improved levels of performance in all activities after wearing contact lenses, with health experts agreeing that contacts can be more beneficial than glasses in this demographic.

Stacy DeBroff, chief executive and founder of Mom Central Consulting, said that it is "interesting" that mothers feel stifled when it comes to discussing issues linked to a child"s self confidence, with wearing makeup and contact lenses linked to a young person"s desire to look better and not as closely linked to safety.

She explained that speaking with a third party, such as an eye doctor, can help to "provide answers" while also giving children impartial yet credible information.

Dr Shelly Toltz, an optometrist and former school teacher, said that when a child does not feel they look good in glasses or if they think that glasses get in the way of an activity, they will refuse to wear them.

"The greater confidence that a child has when he or she has transitioned to contact lenses pays dividends in performance. We know that moms worry about taking care of contact lenses, but those concerns can be addressed by choosing an affordable daily disposable lens which doesn"t require cleaning and storage," she added.

by Martin Burns

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