Laser eye surgery "boosts baseball star"s performance"

Laser eye surgery "boosts baseball star"s performance"

By Emily Tait

Laser eye surgery has led a US sports star to return to his former glory, a leading newspaper has claimed.
Aaron Miles, a baseball player who's reputation was in decline last year, recently had the operation despite his fear of it, The Los Angeles Times has reported.
His performance since this decision has increased significantly, with the news provider highlighting his improved batting average, larger number of appearances and better starts.
Mr Miles said: "Obviously, now I wish I could have played my whole career with the eyes I have now."

He emphasised the importance of eyesight to baseball, as the longer it takes to recognise the pitch the shorter the swing that can be used.
Earlier this month, Private Healthcare UK reported that Harlequins director of rugby Conor O'Shea is another high-profile sports star who recently improved their performance after laser eye surgery, although he also highlighted the advantages that contact lenses provided him on the field. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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