Eye make-up advice for allergy sufferers

Eye make-up advice for allergy sufferers

A woman who is allergic to eye make-up has been given help by an expert.

Sarah Vine, beauty editor of the Times, told reader Anne Richardson to try the Organic Pharmacy or Dr Haushka brands.

Ms Vine explained that Margo Marrone, a founder of the former company, wants chemical irritants taken out of all skincare and make-up products.

She suggested Mineral Eye Pencils, which "contain no hydrogenated fats, artificial preservatives or fragrances" and also recommended the eye shadow.

Furthermore, she added, Dr Haushka provides ingredients lists so allergy sufferers can look out for what ails them.

The Organic Pharmacy claims to be the world"s only pharmacy "dedicated to health and beauty using organic products and treatments".

It pledges that products will not contain artificial fragrance, preservatives or colourants, no petrochemicals and that it does not test on animals.

The company was co-founded by Margo and Francesco Marrone, with the former checking ingredients to make sure they meet standards.

by Alexa Kaczka

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