Eye care "neglected" in ethnic minority communities

Eye care "neglected" in ethnic minority communities

Eye care and health are being neglected in black and other ethnic minority communities, according to a report.

Sight loss charity Thomas Pocklington Trust has published its study in which it found that while members of such communities are the most likely to lose their sight, they are the least likely to go for help.

The charity found 13 projects which it said were examples of "good practise" for improving eye health, in places such as Birmingham, where Birmingham Focus on Blindness supports informational events in community sites.

While praising such projects, Sarah Buchanan of Thomas Pocklington Trust said they were not numerous enough and generally in places with large black and minority communities, meaning smaller communities elsewhere are still unaided.

The charity said these sorts of schemes need to become "routine" rather than being "add-ons to existing services".

Meanwhile, Portsmouth paper The News has reported a local optician"s call for unwanted sunglasses to help people in India.

Praills is participating in the Eyecare Trust"s Save Our Sight campaign and wants to send sunglasses to the country to help prevent Indians suffering blindness from cataracts, which can be stopped by shielding out UV rays.

by Emily Tait

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