Contact lenses save cat from risky operation

Contact lenses save cat from risky operation

An elderly cat has been saved from having a life-threatening operation by having contact lenses fitted.

Black and white cat Ernest, 15, suffers from entropion, a condition which makes his eyelids roll inwards.

The Daily Mail reported the story of Ernest, who has lived in an RSPCA rescue home in Godshill in the Isle of Wight after being hurt in a car accident when he was two.

Centre manager Paula Sadler said that the contact lenses, which were fitted by a vet, "have worked wonders".

She explained that Ernest"s age meant the anaesthetic in an operation would have been dangerous.

Sufferers of entropion have their eyelids roll inwards, making their eyelashes rub against the surface of their eyes.

As well causing discomfort and squinting, the eye may be damaged, causing partial or total sight loss.

It can occur along the upper or lower lids and in animals is more common in dogs than in cats.

by Martin Burns

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