Advice for wearers of hard contact lenses

Advice for wearers of hard contact lenses

A Times reader who queried the use of hard contact lenses has been advised to continue using them as long as it is comfortable.

BL from Kettering asked the newspaper"s Dr Know whether hard contact lenses were helping to stop her shortsightedness (myopia) from deteriorating further.

Dr Know said that there was some evidence to prove that hard lenses can help to slow elongation of the eye - a condition that can cause or exacerbate myopia.

Therefore, as well as having annual eye checks, the expert recommended continuing to use hard contact lenses if they were convenient and comfortable.

"Surprisingly, this type of lens may well be helping," the doctor added.

Editor: Most Opticians have relegated hard contact lenses to the dustbin of history - they have been shown to adversely affect the cornea over a period of time, and have generally been replaced with gas permeable or soft lenses.

by Emily Tait

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