Regular eye checks "vital to good vision"

Regular eye checks "vital to good vision"

People hoping to maintain their vision will find that having regular eye tests is the best way of helping to stay on top of vision safety, one specialist has pointed out.

Regular check-ups can help to diagnose eye problems as well as keeping track of existing conditions and determining whether they require treatment, said Graham Cox, professional services manager for Ultralase.

The expert pointed out that poor eyesight may only be regarded as an inconvenience to some people, but to others it can significantly affect their quality of life.

Although eyesight is one of the most valuable tools people have, it is taken for granted by far too many individuals, Mr Cox said.

"That"s why it"s so important to keep your eyes healthy with regular checks, and make the most of your sight with the treatments and technologies available to today"s patients," he added.

by Emily Tait

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