"Smart" contact lens trial underway

"Smart" contact lens trial underway

By Martin Burns

A new trial has been launched to assess the efficacy of a new type of 'smart' contact lens which the creators claim can do far more than normal contact lenses.

The product, called Triggerfish, is fitted with an antenna and microprocessor which help it to record and send continuous measurements of internal eye pressure in order to assess a person's risk of glaucoma, 10news.com reports.

The study is being carried out at the University of California San Diego's Shiley Eye Center, where Dr Robert Weinreb, chairman of ophthalmology at the facility, said a new form of glaucoma detection is being trialled.

Generally, eye pressure levels vary throughout the day, but by measuring changes over a 24-hour period, experts may gain a better indication of any problems.

"It's the difference between looking at a full-length motion picture or being shown a single frame of a motion picture," Dr Weinreb told the website.

Meanwhile, according to the Economist, a new type of contact lens is also being developed which could provide the ability for drugs to be released straight into the eye to help to treat vision problems.

by Alexa Kaczka

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