Minimising UV exposure "is essential"

Minimising UV exposure "is essential"

By Alexa Kaczka

Summer is here, and so millions of people will be heading outdoors and enjoying the great weather that has been forecast for the UK, but those who do so may also be placing their eyesight in danger.

That is according to Graham Cox, professional services manager for Ultralase, who said that something many people fail to do when out in the sun is take precautions to shield their vision from its harmful rays.

He noted that, rather than a healthy diet or miracle cure, the number one thing people need to do to protect their eyes is minimise UV exposure.

"Rather than diet, it"s about protecting your eyes from UV exposure. It"s advisable to wear appropriate eye protection when in direct sunlight and also avoid prolonged exposure to bright light," Mr Cox added.

It comes after ophthalmologist Dr Amit Chokshi, from the Chokshi and Coluccelli Eye Institute, recently said that there are many options available to help people protect their vision from the sun, with UV sunglasses and contact lenses particularly effective preventative measures.

by Martin Burns

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