Awareness of eye problems "needs to be greater"

Awareness of eye problems "needs to be greater"

By Alexa Kaczka

There needs to be greater awareness of the eye conditions which can hamper people's lives and how people can seek help for them, according to one organisation.

This week, Ultralase has been promoting National Cataracts Awareness Week, which it is hoping will inform the general public about how they can spot the signs of cataracts and what support is available once the condition develops.

Graham Cox, professional services manager at the organisation, said there is a "definite gap" in the nation's knowledge when it comes to cataracts, as many people do not realise that cataracts can affect those as young as 40.

"Our research revealed that 45 per cent of people between 45 and 64 years old won't have their eyes screened for cataracts as they feel they're too young," he said.

He also noted that over three-quarters of people aged over 45 said they would not recognise the early symptoms of cataracts and 30 per cent thought they could be treated with drugs, which is not the case.

by Emily Tait

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