New vision chart "also tests knowledge"

New vision chart "also tests knowledge"

A vision test has been created which not only helps to determine the quality of a person"s eyesight, but also their knowledge.

The test has been created by Joel Pirela from the Miami-based company Blue Ant Studio and is aimed mainly at designers with a knowledge of furniture from the last century, with the conventional letters in the chart replaced by pictures of chairs, fastcodesign.com reports.

"A slew of the 20th-century icons are represented: the Eames molded plywood chair, Arne Jacobsen"s egg chair, the Emeco navy chair - the list goes on," the source explained.

It added that the chart is not only a way to test people"s vision without resorting to the conventional Snellen chart, but will also help to settle any debates between experts.

The Snellen chart is named after the Dutch ophthalmologist Hermann Snellen, who invented the testing method in 1862, and consists of 11 lines of block letters, with the smallest visible line indicating a person"s visual acuity in that eye.

by Adrian Galbreth

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