Hybrid lenses "provide a new lease of life"

Hybrid lenses "provide a new lease of life"

By Martin Burns

New hybrid contact lenses from SynergEyes can help to provide people with irregular corneas with a new lease of life, according to one expert.

Dr Morris Sheffer, an eye specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina, made the claim after it was revealed that the company's ClearKone contact lenses have now been sold to 16,000 patients in 32 countries across the globe.

According to the expert, the hybrid contact lens gives patients with irregular corneas who are currently wearing RGP lenses or a 'piggyback system' a new way to benefit from clear and more stable vision, as well as greater comfort.

He explained: "The design of ClearKone enables the lens to centre very well on irregularly shaped corneas, to provide crisper vision than any other contact lens we have tried."

Dr Sheffer added that, since the lens is designed to bridge over the peak of the cornea, the comfort is also greatly improved.

It comes after ClearKone senior vice-president of global sales Dave Fancher recently said that the success of ClearKone has enhanced the company's expansion into countries outside North America.

by Adrian Galbreth

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