Dry eyes "have a number of causes"

Dry eyes "have a number of causes"

By Alexa Kaczka

Millions of people across the planet suffer from occasional or regular dry eyes, which can be an irritating and painful condition if left untreated.

With the UK already in the height of summer, many people are currently battling hayfever and other conditions affecting their vision, meaning that dry eyes are exacerbated further, though there are things people can do to help minimise the pain of the condition, according to one expert.

Nick Atkins, an ambassador for Rohto Dry Eye Relief, said that there are "numerous" causes for the eyes becoming dry.

"[These range] from internal influences on the quality and quantity of tears being produced by the eye, to external environmental influences such as visual tasks reducing blink rates for example computer use, and air quality such as dry air-conditioned offices," he explained.

Mr Atkins said there are ways that people can help to curb the symptoms of dry eyes, however.

Reducing exposure to environments that cause symptoms, drinking water, improving ocular hygiene and the use of drops can all have major effect on reducing irritation, the expert noted.

He stated that Rohto Dry Eye Relief can also provide rapid relief, with regular use two to three times a day also helping prevent symptoms from occurring.

This is due to a unique formula containing hyaluronic acid and an extract from a tamarind seed, the expert added.

Dr Jamuna Pai, speaking to DNA India recently, said that people need to refrain from wearing excessive amounts of makeup around their eyes if they are to avoid dry eyes and infection, as this can run when it rains.

The expert added that some of the most common eye-related problems are conjunctivitis, dry eyes and styes, and pointed out that people should consult their doctor for "timely treatment" if they contract any of these conditions as a result of the makeup they wear.

by Emily Tait

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