Glasses wearers "turning to contact lenses"

Glasses wearers "turning to contact lenses"

Since contact lenses began being developed on a mass scale, glasses wearers across the planet have been realising the benefits of using the products, and it appears this trend is showing no sign of dying down.

A recent report by Johnson and Johnson Vision Care South-East Asia, seen by Bernama, shows that six in ten people in Malaysia are now considering moving away from wearing glasses and using contact lenses for vision correction instead.

As well as providing excellent comfort, contact lenses are also far more convenient than glasses, as they do not have to be carried around and do not prevent people from taking part in certain sports.

According to Stanford Guo, general manager for Johnson and Johnson Vision Care south-east Asia, the majority of people who require vision correction nowadays are aware of the benefits of contact lenses.

He explained that 57 per cent of people in Malaysia who need vision correction currently use spectacles, with 38 per cent utilising a combination of glasses and contact lenses and just five per cent solely using contacts, but this is gradually changing as the choice of lenses expands and their convenience is promoted.

He told Bernama that wearing contact lenses allows people to effectively "break free" of their inhibitions when it comes to eyewear and can be quite empowering.

The main problem for many people is overcoming their initial fear of wearing contact lenses, he added, noting that, once they have realised that there is nothing to worry about and their vision is safe, they can continue wearing the contacts in comfort.

It comes after a recent poll commissioned by contact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb and Mom Central Consulting found that many children are keen to start wearing contact lenses because they are conscious of how they look when wearing glasses and want to benefit from a more discreet form of vision correction.

by Martin Burns

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