Eye shadow "great for updating look"

Eye shadow "great for updating look"

Those looking for a budget-friendly way to update their look this season can use eye shadow and other subtle effects, according to one health and beauty expert.

A spokesperson for B never too busy to be beautiful, a cosmetics and fragrance company, said a small change coupled with an old outfit can actually work wonders.

People wanting to save money are buying smaller items such as makeup in order to restyle their existing look, she added.

"You can have the latest lip colour or eye colour and still wear your old clothes and people will still think you are in fashion," the representative continued.

Of course, another way to potentially change your look might be with coloured contact lenses.

These are not necessarily just for those who need contact lenses as they can be bought using a zero-power prescription.

Traditional shades such as blue and brown are available from many brands, although deep purple and turquoise are some of the other colours on the market.

by Alexa Kaczka

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