Kristen Stewart dons contact lenses for Breaking Dawn

Kristen Stewart dons contact lenses for Breaking Dawn

By Emily Tait

Kristen Stewart has revealed how she wore contact lenses in order to play the part of Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the fourth Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn.

The hugely popular series of books by Stephenie Meyer have sold millions of copies worldwide, and spawned three highly successful films, with the last one in the series set to be split into two parts.

As Breaking Dawn sees Bella Swan marry Edward Cullen and turn into a vampire, Kristen, who plays Bella, was forced to wear contact lenses to alter her appearance.

Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, has been wearing coloured contact lenses for years, as his character has been a vampire from the very beginning, so Kristen got to experience what it was like to wear them for the role.

However, the actress claimed recently that she felt filming the final instalment in the series was anti-climatic, though fans will no doubt flock to the cinema in droves when it is released.

by Emily Tait

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