Paris Hilton to launch contact lenses?

Paris Hilton to launch contact lenses?

By Emily Tait

A new line of contact lenses and other vision correction products are reportedly among the new line of items rolled out under the Paris Hilton brand.

OEM and Design Company have been appointed by Agent Beanstalk to develop the contact lenses, glasses frames and sunglasses under the brand, revealed Ciaran Coyle, Beanstalk's international managing director, who said they will initially be launched in Asia.

"OEM is one of Asia's most well-respected eyewear players and has a solid history in developing glasses and contact lenses for global brands," he added.

Mr Coyle said the company has illustrated a "sound understanding" of the celebrity's unique design sense in the styles of the products and claimed the range will be "on every Asian fashionista's wishlist" next year.

Paris Hilton has previously released both clothes and her own range of perfume, before moving into contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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