Blind woman in training for race

Blind woman in training for race

A woman who was born four months premature, leaving her blind, has said her lack of sight does not dampen her determination to run the London Marathon in 2010.

Lara Holman-Brookes is training in a gym in Gorseinon, Wales, for the Llanelli 10K race next year, to be followed by the London Marathon in 2010.

Ms Holman-Brookes, 25, was born with damaged sight as she arrived four months early, thisissouthwales.co.uk reports.

Although initially able to see shapes and objects and undergoing numerous operations, her retina detached and she is now blind.

Ms Holman-Brookes told the publication: "Not having sight does not affect my desire or determination" and added that she was "lucky to be alive" as she was born weighing 1.9 lb and could have died in the first 18 months of her life.

People with less severe sight problems may be able to wear corrective contact lenses to do sport.

by Martin Burns

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