Contact lens wearers "should avoid sleeping in them"

Contact lens wearers "should avoid sleeping in them"

There are many different contact lenses on the market today, more so than ever before, though very few enable the user to sleep in them overnight, which means it is vital to adhere to manufacturer instructions.

Dr Hassan Imam, head of Ophthalmology Department at Al Noor Hospital Abu Dhabi Khalifa, said that, as only a few brands of contact lenses allow the user to sleep in them it is essential to establish this when purchasing the lenses or having them fitted in the first place.

As wearing contact lenses for far longer than the manufacturer"s recommend time can potentially cause infections and other problems, the specialist said that every contact lens wearers needs to be aware of whether they can be left in overnight.

One type of lens that can be worn over night are the orthokeratology lenses, which were recently used by twins Alex and Dan Osborne, 13, from Horsley, Gloucestershire, to help treat their myopia. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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