Cooper Vision to take on Asia in contact lens market

Cooper Vision to take on Asia in contact lens market

International contact lens designer and manufacturer Cooper Vision is to move into the Asian market, it has been reported.

Taiwan News quoted Cooper Vision"s vice president Michael Kotow, who acknowledged that his firm is new to the area and faces a "challenge" in promoting itself.

But he also said that his company has a different approach to marketing its contact lenses in that it focuses more on dialogue with providers of contact lenses than users, as most wearers seek advice from providers.

Noting that Cooper Vision views contact lenses as a "medical device", he added: "Most of our competitors focus on consumer advertising and we are not going to follow their footsteps."

Mr Kotow also said that Asia has a higher than usual proportion of shortsighted people and that the figure is rising.

Cooper Vision provides contact lenses that can correct short or far sight and astigmatism and also lenses that can change eye colour.

by Emily Tait

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