Buying contact lenses online "can be cheaper"

Buying contact lenses online "can be cheaper"

It can often be cheaper to buy contact lenses online rather than in shops and many people are spending too much on their eyewear, it has been claimed.
Richard Thomson, writing for the Portsmouth News, has highlighted the fact that many people are opting to avoid the high street and buy online, sometimes saving substantial amounts of money.
He said that this applies for both glasses and contact lenses, with a three-month supply of daily lenses costing as little as £41 and just £14.50 for 6 months supply of monthly lenses when bought over the internet.
"For anyone who wears contact lenses, it"s also short-sighted not to consider buying online," Mr Thomson warned.
He highlighted the large number of people reliant on glasses and lenses and pointed to the fact that the high street market is commonly dominated by one or two big brands.

Mr Thomson claimed that this effectively cuts competition and means that prices remain higher, to the detriment of customers.
In a related article, British Society for Refractive Surgery chairman Chidambara Pillai told the Express that recent technological advances have widely increased the range of contact lenses that are now available.

by Emily Tait

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