Poor eyesight "can cause distraction road accidents"

Poor eyesight "can cause distraction road accidents"

Poor eyesight is a cause of road accidents and leads to half as many collisions as those attributed to mobile phone usage, a report has found.

Research conducted by the Institute for Advanced Motoring (IAM) has found that the police have attributed poor eyesight as a sole cause of 0.4 per cent of all distraction-related accidents, the Telegraph has reported.

The report is based on statistics published by the police about 700,000 accidents.

Neil Greig, project manager for the IAM, has claimed that the figures dispel a lot of the myths about safe driving.

Mr Greig said: "Mostly, crashes aren"t about cars going dramatically out of control and up in smoke. It"s small errors suddenly having greater consequences. But if you are a good, trained driver, you can avoid becoming a statistic."

Recent research published by Dr David Musch has highlighted the key role that eye experts play in road safety among those over the age of 65.

by Alexa Kaczka

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