Teacher saved from stroke by optician"s diagnosis

Teacher saved from stroke by optician"s diagnosis

A retired teacher has potentially been saved from having a stroke by a diagnosis made by her optician during a routine appointment, it has been reported.

Molly Mellor lost the vision in her left eye and was told that she was part of an at-risk group of patients that are vulnerable to experiencing a stroke at any point, the Chronicle Live has reported.

After losing the sight in her left eye several times in two days, she saw her optician, who suspected that she was suffering from a condition that can be a sign of an impending stroke.

She told the newspaper: "You think what might have happened if I hadn"t got my eyes checked out … It"s easy to dismiss eye problems and ignore them. But it"s not just about your eyes, it"s what"s behind them."

The importance of regular eye exams was raised recently by Independent Practice Growth UK founder Richard Pakey. 

by Emily Tait

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