Timeless fashions "key eye makeup purchases this autumn"

Timeless fashions "key eye makeup purchases this autumn"

By Emily Tait

Those looking for a low-cost way to keep their eye makeup on trend this summer can turn to the standbys that have always been fashionable at this time of year.
Stephanie Haddad, writing for the Burlington Patch, has highlighted these timeless trends as the perfect fall-back plan during a busy part of the year.
She highlights violets and greys as colours that work perfectly as backdrop shades, although it is important not to foreground the grey for the risk of appearing depressing.
"A daytime grey can easily morph into a daring evening look with a little violet eyeliner or some plum-coloured shading in the crease of the lid. Opt for a coordinating set of greys and purples to make this transition easy," she asserted.
Makeup artist Claire McDonnell recently told the Ealing Gazette that a colour wheel can be a good way for those nervous about colour to pick the perfect eye makeup shades. 

by Emily Tait

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