Contact lenses improve international cricketer"s game

Contact lenses improve international cricketer"s game

By Alexa Kaczka

Cricketer Vusi Sibanda has revealed how switching from glasses to contact lenses has helped him to improve his game and boost his country's chances of success against other nations.

The Zimbabwe international struggled for form between 2008 and 2010 as his vision problems began affecting his on-field performances, and made the decision to visit an eyecare professional for a consultation, ESPN reported.

The result was that he was prescribed contact lenses and the 27-year-old batsman noted an immediate improvement in the quality of his play.

He told ESPN: "It became easier to pick the line and length of deliveries and I seemed to have a lot more time than I used to have."

Sibanda added that he also no longer has to contend with his glasses slipping down his face under the helmet due to the sweat from playing in the sun, as wearing contact lenses eliminates this problem.

by Martin Burns

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