Eye cancer child to enjoy Christmas with family

Eye cancer child to enjoy Christmas with family

A five-year-old girl who lost one of her eyes due to cancer is has spoken of her plans for Christmas.

The Grimsby Telegraph reports the case of Hailie Jade Herrington, who has been through major surgery and chemotherapy after suffering a cancer type which affects one in a million children her age, retinoblastoma.

Doctors removed her useless right eye and put in an artificial replacement at Birmingham Children"s Hospital, before Hailie was then put through chemotherapy.

Hailie told the paper she would be visiting Fantasy World in Cleethorpes and feeding ducks for Christmas.

Linda Mann, her mother, said it will be a "special Christmas".
Meanwhile, another little girl in Billingham who has a non-cancerous brain tumour is having treatment to try to save her sight in her left eye.

Gazettelive.co.uk reports how surgery for Daisy Perry, five, is too dangerous and the sight in one eye is mostly gone.

Her parents, Rachel and Martin, are now raising money for the children"s cancer ward at Newcastle General Hospital, where their daughter is being treated.

by Alexa Kaczka

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