Contact lenses "bring The Walking Dead"s zombies to life"

Contact lenses "bring The Walking Dead"s zombies to life"

Contact lenses have really exploded in popularity in recent years, with several TV shows and big screen productions utilising them to add an extra dimension to character makeup.

Perhaps the most famous use of coloured contact lenses is in the Twilight films, where Robert Pattinson wears them to portray the series' male protagonist, Edward Cullen, which has sparked a mad rush among many young people to buy contacts that can help them to emulate the screen star.

This will only intensify in the months ahead when the latest Twilight film is released and Kristen Stewart wears the lenses to play Bella Swan after she has been bitten.

However, contact lenses have for years been used not just to portray vampires on the big screen, but the other famous members of the undead – zombies.

From George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, zombies are now a firm fixture on screens worldwide, and this includes last year's hugely popular TV show, The Walking Dead.

The programme, based on the comics of the same name, was a big hit with fans not only thanks to its excellent casting, writing and plotting, but the great makeup used to make the zombies more realistic.

Now, ahead of the start of the second season of the hugely popular TV show The Walking Dead, the show's creators have revealed how coloured contact lenses are being used to make the zombies more lifelike than ever, with many different colours used to create the 'dead look'.

On AMC's Walking Dead blog recently, contact lens tech expert Gazar Trabizpor showed how the lenses have been used to striking effect in the fearsome undead and will ensure that season two is even scarier than the first, blood-curdling series.

The show premieres in the US on October 16th and will debut in the UK soon afterwards, where zombie fans can see for themselves just how the coloured contact lenses have been put to use.

by Adrian Galbreth

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