Disposable contact lenses "a very hygienic option"

Disposable contact lenses "a very hygienic option"

As contact lenses have continued to increase in popularity in recent years, one specific type of lens that has boomed in usage is the disposable contact, which has become a key part of many people"s daily lives.

According to one expert, these contact lenses also offer unparalleled levels of hygiene and are a great option for people concerned about their eye health.

Keith Tempany, an independent contact lens specialist, and Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year in the 2010 Optician Awards, made the comments following the publication of a study by the Brien Holden Vision Institute and University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney.

The report, published in a recent edition of Optometry and Vision Science, revealed that they are currently developing a novel antimicrobial material targeting a rare but potentially sight-threatening condition.

Microbial keratitis is associated with poor hygiene among contact lens wearers and is not a problem among those who take extra care to store and maintain their lenses, occurring in just four in every 10,000 users.

However, for people who are very forgetful or would prefer not to have to clean and store their lenses, disposable contacts are a great option, Mr Tempany explained.

To control the risk of infection when abroad, for example, he recommended that people take daily disposable lenses on their holiday.

"That way they don"t need to worry about taking solution on holiday, they just take a number of dailies. Hygiene is then less of an issue. You don"t need to worry about solution being opened or stored for a long time," the expert explained.

Mr Tempany also advised that, if people are flying, they should not forget that there are flight restrictions for liquids on some planes, although they can often buy travel packs of solution specially designed for air travel.

by Martin Burns

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