Ultralase launches vision project over Twitter

Ultralase launches vision project over Twitter

By Alexa Kaczka

Laser eye surgery expert Ultralase has launched a new research project over Twitter that aims to evaluate the condition of the nation's collective eyesight.

In the Twittervision study, Ultralase will use information tweeted by the public to populate an "evolving map" of UK prescriptions and is calling for people from all regions to get involved and tweet their prescription.

Currently, more than 2,000 entries have been added to the national database, which will provide a snapshot of the condition of the UK's vision and highlight regional differences and patterns.

It will also generate funds for Ultralase's charity partner Vision Aid Overseas, which is dedicated to transforming access to eyecare services in developing nations

According to Ultralase, for every tweet posted on the map it will donate 10p to the charity, adding to the ongoing fundraising pot of £11,500.

Last month, Ultralase was promoting National Cataracts Awareness Week, which it hoped would inform the general public about how they can spot the signs of cataracts and what support is available once the condition develops.

by Alexa Kaczka

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