Annual eye exams "should start early"

Annual eye exams "should start early"

There is no age at which people should begin having eye exams, according to one expert who has recommended annual testing of vision from an early age.

Wendy Hastings, school nurse coordinator for Scottsboro City Schools, told the Daily Sentinel that regular examinations can help to spot vision problems early in youngsters.

Recent research has linked vision problems in schoolchildren with difficulty in the classroom and so the argument for early vision testing to determine whether they need glasses or contact lenses is arguably greater than ever.

Ms Hastings said that an events that enables students from all Scottsboro city elementary schools to have free vision screenings is a great idea and will help to promote the vital importance of healthy eyes.

She told the newspaper: "It"s a great thing for the students and allows us to track their growth and development over time, just to see if any vision problems develop. We"ve been able to detect several eye problems over the years."

by Martin Burns

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