Swimming in contact lenses "not a good idea"

Swimming in contact lenses "not a good idea"

Nowadays, contact lenses provide a solution for millions of people around the globe who have previously struggled to take part in certain activities due to their poor vision.

Whereas before people had to wear glasses during certain sporting events, which was a risk in itself, they can now wear contact lenses which seamlessly allow them to take part without their vision or safety being compromised.

However, one activity which people should avoid doing while wearing contact lenses is swimming.

This advice was recently echoed by Keith Tempany, an independent contact lens specialist, and Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year in the 2010 Optician Awards, who noted that the combination of vigorous activity, water and chlorine is not a good one for contacts wearers.

He explained that another key reason not to swim in contact lenses is the fact that people cannot always guarantee the hygiene levels of the pool they are swimming in.

Where other people have been, there is always the risk of bacteria, with this being magnified in outdoor open water spaces where living things such as plants are present.

The expert explained: "Swimming in contact lenses is a big no, because of the bugs you are swimming in the water with. They may get caught under the lenses and you can get very serious eye infections."

Mr Tempany added that he accepts that there are certain conditions where it may be vital to wear them, and on these occasions people could possibly wear tight-fitting goggles over the top.

He noted: "If you are very short-sighted and have no option but to use your contact lenses for swimming then you should take daily disposables with you so you can throw them away straight after you have been swimming."

by Adrian Galbreth

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