Brad Pitt reveals movie contact lenses routine

Brad Pitt reveals movie contact lenses routine

By Emily Tait

Hollywood icon Brad Pitt has shed some light on the early roles which helped to establish him as a true star in Tinseltown, including how he had to wear contact lenses for one role.

Pitt starred in the adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire in 1994, which, in many ways, was a predecessor to the enormously popular Twilight franchise.

Just like Robert Pattinson, Pitt had to wear coloured contact lenses for the role, though he was not a big fan of the way the products were designed 17 years ago, telling Entertainment Weekly that the makeup process was a major drawback of the film.

However, coloured contact lens technology has progressed greatly in the intervening years, much like Pitt's own career, with two Oscar nominations under his belt.

In many ways, Pitt will be happy that he persevered with wearing the contact lenses and finishing the film, as it opened up many new doors and allowed him to establish as one of the brightest lights in Hollywood.

by Adrian Galbreth

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