Parents "should monitor children"s eyesight"

Parents "should monitor children"s eyesight"

Parents need to keep a close watch on their children"s vision if they are to safeguard their long-term sight, according to one expert, who has recommended regular testing for youngsters.

Optometric physician Edwin Ambo told the Issaquah Press that vision is a "huge part" of a person"s quality of life in general and therefore it is important to take extra care over maintaining eyesight.

He explained that key time to test children is now, when they are going back to school or have already returned, as this is often the time when any change in their vision compared with last year is most recognisable.

Some of the warning signs of poor eyesight may include headaches caused by reading or an aversion to reading, while squinting at the TV or computer screen can be a sign that an eye test is needed.

Wendy Hastings, school nurse coordinator for Scottsboro City Schools, told the Daily Sentinel that regular examinations can help to spot vision problems early in youngsters.

She pointed to recent research that has linked vision problems in schoolchildren with difficulty in the classroom and said the argument for early vision testing to determine whether they need glasses or contact lenses is therefore arguably greater than ever.

by Adrian Galbreth

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