Illegal contact lens retailers "will not succeed"

Illegal contact lens retailers "will not succeed"

By Alexa Kaczka

Retailers who are selling contact lenses without licence will be found and prosecuted, according to one local authority which is clamping down on the practice of selling the products illegally.

Sandwell Council has promised to root out people who are illegally trading contact lenses from shops or places such as market stalls, as these individuals are putting the eye health of the general public a risk.

Bob Charnley, Sandwell Trading Standards deputy manager, said officers have been working closely with the General Optician Council to identify traders that are selling the products and bring them within compliance of the law.

Cabinet member for neighbourhood services Councillor Derek Rowley added: "I would urge people to only buy cosmetic contact lenses from authorised retailers and have them fitted by a qualified professional and have ongoing care.

It comes after optometrist Dr Ashley Reddell, writing for the Leavenworth Times, recently advised people not to trust lenses available at a beauty shop or petrol station, as these are probably being distributed illegally and should be reported.

by Alexa Kaczka

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