"Almost anyone" can wear contact lenses

"Almost anyone" can wear contact lenses

Contact lenses can be worn by almost anyone to improve their vision, despite some common misconceptions about certain people"s eligibility to wear the products, one expert has noted.

Whether old or young, anyone can be a candidate for contact lenses as long as they can be trusted to maintain a hygienic daily eyecare routine, noted Dr Ashley S Reddell, an optometrist works at the Norris and Kelly Vision and Development Center.

She told the Leavenworth Times that some people wrongly believe that those with a bifocal prescription cannot have contact lenses fitted, even though it is quick and easy to do so.

In addition, children can also be candidates for contact lenses, she noted, stating: "There is no magic age that a child is ready for contact lenses. The biggest factors are maturity and attention to hygiene."

According to a recent article by Mongey Opticians in Co. Mayo, Ireland, published in the Mayo Advertiser, multifocal lenses are easy to prescribe and fit and can make an immediate difference to people"s vision.

by Martin Burns

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