"Little time" spent researching contact lenses

"Little time" spent researching contact lenses

A relatively short amount of time is spent by contact lens wearers when they are researching new eyecare products, according to a new survey.

The poll, conducted by contact lenses manufacturer Bausch + Lomb, found that 80 per cent of contact lens wearers own the latest high definition TVs and digital cameras and spent a significant amount of time researching these.

However, they did not spend nearly as much time looking into the best contact lenses available and the ones most suitable for their prescription, with seven in ten users spending an hour or less researching new contacts.

In many cases, contacts lens wearers left it up to their optician to choose their contact lenses rather than having a say in the ones they wanted.

Nick Dash, an optometric director at Vision Edge Optometric Group in Loughborough, said the results show that people have the ability to analyse the "complex information" about technology.

However, he noted: "This thinking and level of interest just isn"t applied when researching and weighing up the technology of the various contact lenses on offer to them today."

by Adrian Galbreth

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