Eye irritation "likely" in the coming weeks

Eye irritation "likely" in the coming weeks

By Alexa Kaczka

The high level of pollen circulating in the air at the moment means that people are more likely to suffer from eye irritation in the coming weeks, it has been claimed.

That is the opinion of Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, who explained that this year's wet summer created "ideal conditions" for ragweed pollen levels to rise, despite it not being particularly hot or dry.

He pointed out that forecasters are therefore predicting that autumn could see record numbers of people suffering with allergic rhinitis - hayfever.

"Common symptoms of allergic rhinitis include red, itchy, swollen eyes and lacrimation - increased tear production," the expert noted.

He added that using eyewear can help minimise these symptoms by preventing airborne irritants such as ragweed pollen reaching the surface of the eye.

Recently, Nick Atkins, an ambassador for Rohto Dry Eye Relief, said that there are "numerous" causes for the eyes becoming dry and advised people to have regular eye-check-ups to determine the cause of their irritation before it worsens. 

by Martin Burns

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