New eye programme launched to boost vision

New eye programme launched to boost vision

By Alexa Kaczka

One organisation has launched a new vision programme which it claims can help people to regain their eyesight through natural means.

According to the founders of EyeAerobics, people suffering from various vision problems can benefit from the combination of natural medicines and eye exercises.

Adam Dejamour, founder of the programme and a natural health practitioner, said the practice can treat conditions including astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, strabismus, dry eye and tension headaches.

"I have had extensive training in a very long list of Natural Health modalities. Through treating numerous clients in my practice, I have found that if we just give the body what it needs and wants, it will naturally heal itself," he claimed.

The programme uses a combination of acupressure, colour therapy, eye supplements, meditation and various eye exercises to bring about the vision improvement, Mr Dejamour added.

Recently, Jean Blacker from Herbafayre, writing for the Star, noted that diet plays a huge role in maintaining eyesight, though many people are unaware of this simple fact.

by Emily Tait

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