"Don"t take shortcuts" with contact lenses

"Don"t take shortcuts" with contact lenses

When it comes to caring for contact lenses, people should refrain from taking shortcuts if they want to minimise the risk of infection, one expert has pointed out.

Writing for the Huffington Post, optometrist Brendan O"Brien said that many contact lens wearers who have been using the products for some time fall into the trap of being lackadaisical in their daily hygiene routines.

He explained: "Most of the three million contact lens wearers in Britain often fall asleep without taking out and rinsing their contact lenses. Another poor habit is using tap water to clean lenses when sterile lens cleaning solution is not available."

Taking care to always follow manufacturer instructions is paramount to ensure safe wear, the specialist recommended.

A report published in a recent issue of Optometry and Vision Science recently advised people who wear reusable contact lenses to ensure they are following the correct maintenance and cleaning programmes for the products to maximise ocular hygiene.

by Martin Burns

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